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Oakwood Pharmacy is your innovative Travel Clinic in Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough. Are you planning to travel overseas for a business trip, a vacation to an exotic country, or a spiritual journey? No matter where you are heading, Oakwood Pharmacy is here to make sure you are safe throughout your travels.

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It’s easy to expose yourself to pathogens that you don’t have protection against during your travels. This form of protection is known as “Immunity”. The pathogens can cause sicknesses and infections like Hepatitis A or Yellow Fever. Sometimes the infections may be dangerous and fatal too.

Travel vaccines enable you to develop protection against these infections. This is important since a number of these illnesses are most of the time life-threatening.

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How do travel vaccines work?

Travel vaccines are similar to each other in terms of how they work. However, each vaccine offers protection against a specific type of infection. Basically, the vaccine mimics the pathogen responsible for causing the infection. Consequently, your immune system releases antibodies that help your body fight the infection. As a result, if you come in contact with viruses and bacteria, you have a natural defense system that is prepared to fight them off.

It’s generally advisable to get your vaccinations at least 21 days, sometimes even earlier, before you travel. Early vaccination provides your body with the time it needs to produce the antibodies necessary for maximum protection.

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We pride ourselves in not only professional but also equipped pharmacists. They will administer all types of travel vaccines as well as prescribe antimalarial medication. We also provide up-to-date information and health advice before travelling. As a result, you will have a full understanding of the risks involved.