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Doctors are responsible for issuing and signing prescriptions, which are legal documents. Therefore, an NHS doctor cannot convert a private prescription into an NHS prescription. In the same way, private doctors cannot provide NHS prescriptions. A private prescription may however be given by your GP surgery or pharmacist if a particular medicine is not available on the NHS. At Oakwood Pharmacy, we now offer prescription service in Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough.

Prescription service in Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough

You can get a private prescription if your doctor or pharmacist recommends it to you. These prescriptions aren’t written on an official NHS prescription. Consequently, the NHS does not pay for them. The patient pays the full cost of the prescription, plus the pharmacist’s charges for supplying it.

Prescription service Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough


When can a pharmacist not prescribe a medication?

In the following circumstances, a pharmacist may not prescribe medicine:

– The pharmacist does not have adequate communication with the private doctor to expound on the reasons why you need the medicine.
– When the pharmacist does not think the medicine is right or essential for you.
– The medicine is not licensed or is being used outside of its licensed use in the UK.
– The pharmacist does not feel they have the necessary expertise to monitor the medicine and to make it is safe and working for you.
– The use of the medicine is not in order with either national or local prescribing guidelines.
– Alternatively, your pharmacist may suggest you take a similar medicine legally prescribed on the NHS that is just as effective.

A pharmacist will only prescribe you medicine if the above does not apply and when the private doctor informs them why you need the medicine.

Your GP will explain clearly why they cannot prescribe the medicine. Therefore, you may be able to get another but equally effective medicine on the NHS.

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