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In the UK, local stop smoking services are not only free but can also increases your chances of quitting for good. At Oakwood Pharmacy, our stop smoking service in Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough will help you overcome the habit.

Stop smoking service in Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough

This service is provided by qualified counsellors. As a result, they provide a variety of methods that are not only proven but also assist one to quit smoking. The counsellors give precise and personalised advice as well as professional help during the first months of the stop smoking programme.

Accessing cheap and easy stop smoking treatments is guaranteed after starting the service. In the course of your first session, the adviser will discuss with you the different NHS stop smoking treatments.

These options include:

– Stop smoking tablets like Varenicline (Champix) and Bupropion (Zyban)
– Nicotine replacement therapy, for example, patches, gum, lozenges, inhalators and mouth, and nasal sprays)

Research indicates that e-cigarettes can help individuals who want to quit smoking. However, they are not currently available as medicines. Consequently, e-cigarettes are neither accessible at the smoking services nor prescribed on the NHS. Therefore, get help and advice from an adviser before using e-cigarettes.

Stop Smoking Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough


Self-help tips to stop smoking

Making small changes in your lifestyle can greatly have a positive impact on your stop smoking journey.

These tips include:

– Surround yourself with non-smoking friends and relatives
– Sign up for a stop smoking service
– Working out daily
– Create a list of reasons you want to stop smoking
– Change your diet and drinks
– Remain positive about your progress
– Get enough rest
– Stay motivated

Stop smoking in Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough and avoiding relapse

It’s a general rule to have a weekly face-to-face or contact via phone with your adviser. This applies for the first four weeks after you quit smoking then less often for eight weeks.

During the meeting, you’ll get a prescription for a suitable stop smoking treatment. This is a way of motivating you since it shows how your body is responding.

An emergency number that works even past working hours will be availed to you. This comes in handy when you can’t control cravings and you need help.

Get in touch for our effective and approved stop smoking service.

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